July favourites

Over the past couple of months I have accumulated a range of products that I can’t stop using daily. I’m trying to build the ultimate skincare routine that will have my skin looking flawless, a natural hair routine to maximise my hair growth and a day to day routine that will keep me inspired and motivated. These are a few items I have been loving thus month! 

Aloe Vera gel 

I am going to start this post off with my top beauty product of the month- aloe vera gel. It has helped to keep me spot free and minimise pesky white heads that appear out of nowhere.

NYX liquid suede lipstick

I am not a fan of lip glosses let alone liquid lipsticks but NYX have out done themselves with their liquid suede lipstick range! It has a thick, smooth consistency and dries matte. Most matte lipsticks I have tried dry out my lips but the NYX liquid suede lipsticks lock in any moisture on my lips. I tend to prime my lips with a lip balm first, use a lip liner and then apply the liquid lipstick. I only need to top up once or twice a day.

Vintage shirts

I have fallen in love with an underground vintage market on Brick Lane! If I could live there, I would. My only isssue with it is that the prices can be a bit on the expensive side. It’s one of those places where you pick up a load of pieces and end up leaving with only one or two.

She means business by Carrie Green 

This book has helped to change my perspective on how to achieve my goals and taught me how to stay motivated on a daily basis. Sometimes, I don’t know what direction I’m heading towards in terms of my blog and She Means Business has given me a lot of clarity! If you are trying to start your own business or you’ve got a new job I’d highly recommend you read this book.

 I think I have got my reading mojo back

Goal journal + green tea

I have started drinking green tea twice a day. It’s amazing for detoxing and I have finally kickstarted my fitness journey! I’m impatient but consistency gets results. All areas of my life need to be healthy, snatched and fruitful.

Paperchase is a stationary lover’s dream! I picked up a goal journal for blogging and other projects I am working on to track my progress. Once I have a new notebook, it is time to sort my life out and get myself organised. I tried my hand at keeping a bullet journal for a while but it’s not so fun when drawing isn’t my forte.

What’s one product you can’t live without? 

Thanks for reading!



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