Embrace your season.

You have everything that you need because you are everything that you need. Usually, once we achieve one thing we go on to look for the next ‘big achievement’. Everything you need to live in total bliss you already have it. How weird is that? You are an individual. No one looks exactly the way you do or does things exactly the way  you do. Everyone is at a different stage in their life and has been through a number of stages to reach  that stage. You can’t compare where you are right now to where someone else is.

Necessity is the mother of invention but sometimes we are quick to forcefully enter a new season too early and unprepared. If you can appreciate what you have right now, then you will never be left feeling as though you lack something. However, if you cannot appreciate the season you are in, you will always be left with this insatiable need to want more. This could lead to you finding yourself in unimaginable situations or situations not turning out the way you had hoped. By the time you realise what is happening it’s too late to turn back. There is no reset button on life.

Every season has a purpose that needs to be fulfilled. There could be a lesson  you need to learn in order to be successful in the next stage of your life or maybe there is knowledge you need to impart to someone else. You don’t know whose life you will change regardless of whether you are aware or unaware of their situation. I knew someone who was struggling once. All it took was a few words of wisdom. I didn’t know I was helping to sow a seed that would lead to someone wanting to actively seek God more for themselves. You could be the catalyst somebody needed to start something great and vice versa. Your actions should inspire others to learn more, do more and be more. We are who we decide to be.

“Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass” ~ Psalm 37: 5 NKJV

The season you are in may seem shaky and uncertain, but you can still remain grounded  even in the eye of a storm. When the time is right  that storm will pass because nothing is coincidental. Thanks for reading! Don’t forget you can follow me on Instagram, Twitter and Bloglovin.





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