You are entitled.

You are entitled to be sad.

You are entitled to be angry.

You are entitled to feel afraid.

You are entitled to be worried. 


You are also entitled to be happy.

You are entitled to trust.

You are entitled to love.

And you are entitled to hope.

You are entitled to have the life that you deserve.

Never let anyone allow themselves to tell you how to feel or how to react. If you don’t agree with something then you don’t agree. It doesn’t make your point invalid or insignificant. Those who wish to make you feel like less than who you are thrive on this. Honestly, you don’t need anyone like that in your life. They seek to mentally and emotionally drain you until there is nothing left. Everyone reacts to different situations differently. Just because one person acts like they are unaffected does not mean that you should reflect that. Don’t be a glasshouse waiting to shatter. You have the right to be all in your emotions for as long as you want just don’t let it overwhelm you. Rule your emotions. Don’t let them rule you.

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