10 Affirmations for Extraordinary Living.

Affirmations are statements you make to yourself repeatedly to provide encouragement, motivation and emotional support. They can help to change your life if you know how to use them properly. It may sound silly telling yourself statements but the more you say and believe in them, the more likely they are to come to life. Here are 10 daily affirmations to tell yourself in 2017. #take2017

  1. I bask in my light because I am beautifully and wonderfully made.

  2. I have a mind designed to do great things. I believe I  have a purpose and it will come to fruition.

  3. It is not the end of the world. Life carries on and so will I.

  4. I am fearless in everything I do.

  5. God guides me in everything I do.

  6. My creativity and willingness to humble myself will take me to new heights.

  7. I am blessed to have family and friends who love and support me.

  8. The past is the past. It has no bearing on who I am now or who I want to be.

  9. I am wealthy in every aspect of my life; financially, spiritually and emotionally.

  10.  I release the hurt and bitterness to make space for love, happiness and hope.

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