#Take 2017.

2016 has been an eventful year. The number of life lessons that have been thrown at me this year has been ridiculous and also an eye opener. I can only describe it as waking up from a slumber that has lasted for several years.

Seeing as it is a new year, I wanted to start a new series on lessons to take into 2017. 2017 is the year of loving yourself and finding your true self. Last year may have been rocky but at the end of the day, you are still alive and that is a blessing in itself. Not everyone made it to 2017. It is time to let go of everything that prevents you from reaching your full potential or becoming the person that you want to be. 2017 is the year of taking control in all aspects of your life hence, the hashtag #take2017. You can only hold yourself accountable for the things you allow to happen in your life. There are always going to be situations that are out of your hands but for the ones you can control, do so.

Sometimes it is easier to trust others more than you trust yourself because you believe you are incapable of making correct decisions. Instead, you take on the views and opinions of others and neglect to follow your inner voice, that gut feeling that manages to guide you through everything. Everyone makes mistakes, therefore someone else’s opinion is just as valid as your own.  Mistakes are how we learn and develop as an individual. Become an active participant in your life and stop being the back seat driver. The first step involves acknowledging the lost time, reflecting on how you got into that situation and how you are going to move forward. #take2017 isn’t just about taking control but learning how to trust yourself again.

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