Tunnel Vision.

Expectation can lead you down a rabbit hole trying to desperately claw your way back to sanity. As human beings, we are already flawed. It’s in our DNA. Nobody on earth is even close to perfect because it is human nature to be imperfect. Sometimes we are too busy looking at what is in front of us to see the bigger picture. There is always an obstacle that we need to overcome at every stage of life.You can’t see that by doing abc you will eventually get to xyz.

Every day you dread going to your  9-5 job. I am not saying a 9-5 job is bad but if it is not what you want…do you see the problem? Yes, it’s paying the bills but you are still holding onto the life you envisioned for yourself before you joined the working world. What about your long-term happiness? When you look back in 20, maybe 30 years time will you be happy with what you have done with your life?  I watched this video once that said to be successful you must be obsessed. You need to be obsessed with the big dream you have for yourself. To do that you must be obsessed with your craft. Obsession creates the drive you need to keep learning and pushing boundaries others have only dreamt of.   Knowledge is key but it can only get you so far if you do not tap into your creativity. Once you have both nothing can stop you. Change only occurs when you decide there is a problem that needs to be fixed. Be disciplined, consistent and obsessed. If you cannot move the mountain, bulldoze straight through it.

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