Last minute makeup routine.

It’s Monday morning and you only have 30 minutes to eat, have a shower, get ready and go. What do you do? I find myself in this situation frequently all the time because I love my bed too much! I know exactly how much time it takes for me to get ready and I still wake up late. I’m in the process of sorting out my love-hate relationship with my bed. I like to keep my make up simple when I am in a rush so I tend to stick to foundation, contour and concealer. I usually start by priming my face with the Nivea after shave balm. GUYS, I was so late to this trend but I haven’t regretted it since! If you want me to do a review on it let me know in the comment section below. Anyways, once that has dried, I apply my foundation using a beauty blender with a dabbing motion. As a highlight, I use the La Girl Pro Conceal under my eyes and I contour my cheeks with MMMM by Makeup Revolution. I prefer to use colours that give a  warm undertone to my skin as a contour. Muddy contour is not cute AT ALL.

Once I have applied all of that, I use my beauty blender to blend it all out and use a foundation brush to get rid of any harsh lines I can’t blend out with the beauty blender. I don’t do too much to my eyebrows because they are quite full in my opinion. All I do is fill in the gaps using an angled brush and an eye shadow called Embark by MAC. If I have time then I will use a concealer to tidy them up a bit but for the most part, I don’t bother.

Lately, I can’t be bothered to do anything to my eyes so I either leave them bare or I use mascara to liven them up a bit. Eyeliner will always be bae but sometimes I want to rub my eyelids without fear of creating the dreaded panda eye effect. LIFFFFE. I don’t wear lipstick on a daily basis but I do want to start. I finished this look off by lining my lips with chestnut by MAC and using a lipstick called Antique velvet by MAC. This is quite a simple look to achieve and it is great for days when you have to dash through your morning routine.


Primer~ Nivea skin balm

Foundation~ Prolong Wear by MAC in the colour NC50

Powder~ MAC Studio Fix in the colour NC45

Highlight ~ Fawn pro concealer by LA girl

Mascara~Lash Sensation by Maybelline in the colour intense black

Contour~ MMMM eyeshadow by Make up Revolution

Lipstick~ Antique Velvet by MAC

Lip liner~ Chestnut by MAC

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