The word ‘No’ promotes self-preservation.

Don’t ever feel bad for putting yourself first. You owe it to yourself to put 100% into whatever you are doing whether it is studying, learning a new craft or just trying to work on yourself in general. Everyone puts their own needs first so why shouldn’t you? In any situation, think about what is best for you because I guarantee you, whoever is putting pressure on you only has their best interest at heart. Unless it’s a defined deadline for a job application or a piece of coursework or something of that calibre you have timmeee. Never make a quick decision on a temporary situation. You will deeply regret it. Life changing situations require thought and planning, not impulsive actions.

Recently, I  watched a Youtube video on a story about  a girl who was willing to completely uproot her life and move to another state for a guy she had barely known for 2 months. Why? He’s a complete stranger.  If someone cares for your wellbeing they will not try to force you into making decisions you are uncertain about quickly. You have a mind that serves a specific purpose in this world. What if you could not achieve that purpose because you allowed yourself to be ruled by the desires of another person?

Similarly, maybe you need to focus on work a bit more but you have that friend that keeps saying let’s go here today. My friend, the let’s go here person has set out their own timetable and works differently to you. They may have already done the work and you are roaming the streets like a coconut. My point is, if it works within your schedule and you can give up that time then go but know that time is a precious thing you cannot get back so use it wisely.

Everyone has the power to say no. It may seem daunting at first because the last thing you want to do is disappoint someone but you cannot please everyone. Trying to do so will only lead to disappointing yourself. The more I realise you can actually say no the more at peace I have become with myself.Yes, it can cause annoyance but at the end of the day if you are not looking out for yourself 24/7 nobody else is. Good friends can only help you help yourself. There is a saying that you can only take a horse to the river but you cannot make the horse drink  water.  Cutting the rubbish out of your life makes space for new and better things.Would you keep a hand that is rotting? No, because the rot will continue to spread until it covers your whole arm. Recognise the people and situations preventing you from moving forward and amputate them quickly.

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10 thoughts on “The word ‘No’ promotes self-preservation.

    1. I’m glad it helped you! I think that sometimes we want to take on everything but eventually it all becomes overwhelming. Something has to give in order for you to maintain your health both physically and mentally.


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