Walking Blind

Trusting in God is the one of the hardest things I have ever had to do and even now I struggle. There was a time in my life where I rejected the very existence of God because tragedy after tragedy kept happening to me. I thought to myself, if God existed why would he allow all of those things to happen to me? What did I do to offend him? Was I being punished?

God has meticulously planned your life. Think about where you are today and the number of decisions that took place to get you there. For example I didn’t get into the uni that I wanted but now I can’t imagine myself being anywhere else. Although it wasn’t what I wanted it was what I needed. It worked in my favour because God gave me supportive friends and a place to flourish and discover myself.

God’s plan for you isn’t short term it is long term. God is patient. Lord knows it has taken me 2o years to turn to him. Every bad event, every failed attempt unkowingly brought me closer to accepting him. If someone continually  tries to talk to you but you are unresponsive eventually, you will give in and start responding back.

Imagine  someone had the cure to all ailments in this world; cancer, disease, depression, sadness and all you had to do was open the door but, because of your stubbornness you refused to open it denying yourself something that could save you.  God never stops knocking because he is persistent and never gives up. Imperfect as we are he still forgives us and yet we could not if we were in the same position.

Trusting in God should be something that we choose to do not something  we are forced to do when it is the only option. I have vivid memories of times when I felt like I was helpless in a situation and all I could do was pray. At those points in time, I’d be on my knees crying and calling out to God to help me through my situation. In those moments, I felt a sense of comfort and hope. It was the same feeling I felt when I had Holy Ghost baptism and received the gift of tongues. I truly trusted God. Trusting people is not something that comes easily to me but I am slowly beginning to trust in God more. Zechariah 4:6 says that it is not by power or might but by the Holy Spirit. To have a desire to trust God and love God is not a natural thing. It is a supernatural one.

God won’t always give you what you want but he will always give you what you need. ‘Because the foolishness of God is wiser than men; and the weakness of God is stronger than men” 1 Corinthians 1:25. God knows what he is doing and what is best for you. Even in foolishness God is wiser than us and in his weakness is still stronger than us. Having faith is like walking a tightrope blind folded. You may lose your balance because of your lack of trust in God or his plan for you. However, if you trust in him and his ability you will reap the rewards both in heaven and on earth.

Thanks for reading!



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