A lifelong tug of war

The more times you enter the world the harder it becomes to leave it. Even when you do decide to leave you have to actively seek God through reading the word, listening to messages and surrounding yourself with people who have an insatiable desire to know God.

One way to know whether you are walking on the path God has laid out for you is struggle. I have heard the saying that if you’re not struggling then you’re not working hard enough but with God sometimes it is the complete opposite.  If you feel like everything you are doing right now is too hard or it is too much it is either because you are trying to do it by your own strength or because you are trying to resist the path God intended for you.

Sometimes it is necessary to take a step back and listen to what God is telling you. It sounds insane but God always sends a  sign. He may even send several signs. I am not saying expect lightening or big red flashing lights saying “go this way” or “do this”. I can only describe it as being something subtly obvious and yet easily missed if you have tunnel vision. Blinded and guided by your desires like a child plugging their ears refusing to listen to the voice of reason. Imagine you are a long piece of rope and  there is a game of tug of war between  God and the devil. The victor will be the one you have fed and made stronger. If you feed your spirit then you give God more strength and weaken the evil tendencies within you but, if you give in to inner desires then you are not only giving the devil a foothold in your life but also strengthening that hold.

Now, imagine you are in an obstacle course and God is waiting for you at the finish line. You have to overcome all the obstacles to win. You are racing against the devil whose only goal is to stop you from reaching that finish line. He doesn’t play by the rules. The only rule is there are no rules. If you feel like you are struggling or everything seems to be going wrong it is because you have moved away from God. You are moving away from the finish line. Does it make sense to run back to the starting line? The devil doesn’t  need to do anything to throw you off your game because you are doing the work for him. Don’t make it easy.

I honestly believe  I have a guardian angel because even when I wasn’t being serious with God I was still protected. I have experienced too many near misses and weird situations for it to just be a coincidence that I am still here today. You may not be serious with God but God is always serious with you. Even when you turn your back on him he still looks out for you. Christianity is a battle and a race you can win if you humble yourself. Embrace the word of God and pray for the spirit of discernment.

“A thousand may fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you~Psalm 91:7

Thanks for reading!



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