Wishlist| Fun in the sun

Hey everyone, I hope you are all well! The weather for the past couple of days has been horrendous. Just kidding, it has been like this for a couple of months. If it’s not pouring down with torrential rain then it’s cold and sometimes, if we are lucky, we may get a bit of sunshine dashed in there for a few hours. This is the curse of living in London. Anyway, I’m going on holiday to Italy soon with two of my nearest and dearest. I can’t explain how surreal it feels to actually be going (it’s my first holiday with friends. I am allowed to be this hyped!). If you knew the hoops I had to jump through you would understand my elation right now. I can’t wait to escape this horrible weather!

These are just a few items I have had my eye on for a while. Recently, I have been obsessed with playsuits. It is easy to transform them from a casual to an evening look. The last pair of shoes look a bit cray cray but I love them because they look so eccentric. They’re quite pricey but if you love shoes then I think they are worth the price (plus an NUS discount wouldn’t hurt. Just to soften the blow to your bank account) *cough cough* (just saying).

Striped playsuit 
Black floral print playsuit
Tribal print playsuit
ASOS minimal jumpsuit
image1xxl (6)
Denim kimono jacket
image1xxl (3)
Sleeveless duster
White platform sandals 
image1xxl (2)
Black platform sandals
image1xxl (5)
Jeffrey Campbell Mega Platform

Let me know what your favourite ones are in the comment section below. Don’t forget you can follow me on Bloglovin, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram! Thanks for reading!



*Disclaimer: All images used in this post do not belong to me.*


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