How to achieve perfectly winged eyeliner

Hey everyone! You may have seen on my Instagram that I am always sporting winged eyeliner. If you haven’t you can check out my Instagram here. It took me a while to find a way to do it without completely filling in my eyelids and looking absolutely crazy!

I prefer to use a combination of liquid eyeliner and pen liner to achieve my winged look.  I use pen liner to create the outline of my wings because I have more control over what I am doing and then I use liquid eyeliner to fill in the wing and line my top eyelid. I have summarised how I achieve my winged look into 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Create the wing using pen liner by drawing a line that is slightly angled upwards. I found that this helps to make my eyes look more awake.

Step 2: Connect the wing to the outer third of your eye using pen liner.

step 3: Outline the rest of upper lid with liquid liner.

Step 4: Fill in the wing and outline and you are sorted!

photo (25)

*Drum roll please* Here is the final result!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Maybelline master graphic eyeliner (pen liner) ~ Superdrug

Liquid liner ~ Collection at Superdrug

With time it will get easier to do and eventually you will be able to create the perfect wing first time round! Keep practicing and you will get there!

Let me know in the comments section if you try out my method and the results! Do you have any tips and tricks you have for creating the perfect winged look or any posts you would like me to do? Let me know down below! Thanks for reading!



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