My Daily Facial Skincare Routine

Hey everyone! I have been using the same skin routine for years! The key is to figure out which products work for your skin and then stick to them. Consistency is key! I have really oily skin so I use products specifically targeted at oily skin.

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 I love the  Clean and Clear blackhead scrub and cleanser  because it removes all the trapped dirt and oil in my pores. It’s really good for acne prone skin and it’s helped to drastically reduce my breakouts. Exfoliators and cleansers help to remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin giving your face a smoother, brighter and  more vibrant appearance.

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Moisturizers help to keep your skin hydrated.  I could wear no make up whatsoever for the whole day and my skin would still feel really hydrated which is particularly important in winter. No one likes dry, flaky skin.

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Ever since I started using Deep Cleansing Milk by Anne French my face feels silky smooth 24/7! I use it after I have used my facial scrub and cleanser. It gets rid of any dirt that might still be on my face.  This product is quite hard to find. My mum used to use it when she was kid.  I think it was discontinued at some point and then it came back again. Usually, I get this procut from Savers but I stumbled across it in Boots the other day. At least now I know I can get it from more than one place!

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The best thing to do to keep your skin glowing and hydrated is to drink as much water as possible. Drinking water is something that I struggle with. I am addicted to Ribena and Caprisun (the apple and blackurrant one of course) but I have gradually started to drink more water. I want that glow you get when you have just finished washing and drying your face 24/7!

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12 thoughts on “My Daily Facial Skincare Routine

  1. Thanks to your review i’ll be trying out the clean and clear blackhead scrub, i also have acne prone and oily skin and i’ve found that limiting the amount of products you put on your skin helps A LOT… great post hun x

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