The Braid Movement

Hey everyone! Pintrest,  Tumblr and Instagram are my go to websites for hairstyle inspiration. I love weave but sometimes it is good to try something new. When I was younger I used to hate braids because I thought they were bulky and didn’t suit me. As I have become older I have learned to appreciate them. They are versatile,  easy to maintain and a good protective hairstyle. In my opinion, braids can suit everyone. You just need to know which style suits you.

The “big hair don’t care” look can easily be achieved with crochet braids. The curls can be made as tight or loose as you want it to be.  These are a few hairstyles I am absolutely loving this summer especially faux locs! Once I saw them on Shope Delano (Author of Sassy Black) I knew I’d been convinced to go to the faux loc side.

Marley Twists

Source: Pintrest

Source: Pintrest
Source: Pintrest

Faux Locs 

Source: Pintrest
Source: Pintrest

Crochet Braids


Source: Pintrest

Source: Pintrest

Box Braids

Source: Pintrest
Source: Pintrest
Source: Pintrest

28615 518

At the moment, I’m obsessed with jumbo twists and I’m trying to experiment with colour. I’ve always stuck with a natural 1B colour for any hairstyle I do . I’m starting with subtle colours such as light brown and dark purple before I decide to take the plunge and do a bold colour. What’s your favourite look?

All  images used in this post are not mine apart from the last one. Thanks for reading!



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