One and Only-Vintage Denim Jacket

Hey everyone! The sun is out and it is finally shorts weather. Summer has finally arrived! I have been looking for a vintage denim jacket for ages. I’d almost given up looking for one but it just goes to show that if you wait long enough then you’ll find what you want. Patience is key!

A denim jacket is definitely a summer wardrobe essential. I find myself reaching for mine almost every time I go out! It goes with absolutely everything and can make any outfit look minimal giving you the “I woke up like this-flawless” look.



I really love the simplicity of this playsuit. I am not usually one to wear patterned clothing as casual attire but this playsuit works. I don’t know why but I find it difficult to find playsuits or jumpsuits that flatter my body shape. Either it’s perfect on the bottom and really loose on the top or it’s perfect on the top and too tight on the bottom. The struggle is real!  If only I was going to a festival this summer. All I would need is a floral headband to tranform this outfit into a festival look and I’d be set!


Denim Jacket~Harper & Lewis vintage clothing store

Playsuit~ TK Maxx

Thanks for reading!


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