Sale Season Frenzy

Hey everyone!! I hope you have all had an awesome Christmas and New Year. For once, I decided to see what this year’s Christmas sales had to offer and I was not disappointed!  I think I might have to refrain from doing any major shopping for the next couple of months so I can give my purse time to recover.

My sister has me hooked on patterned socks. They look cute and it’s a way to dress up your feet!

The two pairs of socks on the right are from Dorothy Perkins and the socks on the far left are from TK Maxx.

Simple jewellery has a special place in my heart. I absolutely loved the pieces I bought.

For months now leggings have been my saviour but sadly they do not stand a chance against this cold, winter weather so I have had to find an equally comfortable alternative. Jeggings are slightly more thicker than normal leggings and let me sit in my weird positions comfortably. That is what I call a win win my friend! I am in love with the smart casual look because it looks really sophisticated and you can’t help but say damn when you see someone style it out properly. The shirt that I bought is a plain grey/lilac colour  which is perfect for tucking into high waisted jeans for a smart look or you could pair it  with a statement necklace, black jeans and heeled ankle boots for a more dressy look.

Shirt~Primark, Jeggings~New Look , Card holder~TK Maxx, Necklace~Dorothy Perkins, iPhone case~New Look

Sometimes I get tired of having to carry my purse everywhere I go when I could just take my card and some cash. I think this card holder is perfect for those lazy days when you don’t really want to carry a bag or anything for that matter! My “indestructible” iPhone case finally broke. I kept buying new cases and they would break and I would have to revert to using my original case. R.I.P original case, you had a long run. On the plus side I managed to find a pretty case at New Look and it was on sale. It was the best two pounds I ever spent!

Card holder ~ TK Maxx, iPhone case~New Look

I have finally found a nude lipstick that suits me(queue the balloons and celebratory music)!! It is from an exclusive collection for L’oreal by J Lo and it’s called J Lo’s nude. I wear a dark brown lip liner to make it look more neutral with a hint of pink.

I do not think I will ever make it to boxing day sales. Each year, without fail something happens and I have to miss it. To be honest, I am more an online shopper; everything is in one place-the internet!

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Thanks for reading!



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